Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends, or if you’re simply hoping to score some serious bucks, a day in the casino is one which you’ll enjoy immensely. We know how enjoyable gambling can be, and we certainly know how popular casinos are.

People visit casinos and online casinos for a wide variety of different reasons, but the great thing about them is that everybody is welcomed with open arms. You just can’t beat the excitement of hitting the poker tables, or playing the slot machines, with the intention of hopefully scoring big. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll win each time, we can guarantee that you’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process. But do you know everything there is to know about casinos? The answer is probably not. Here’s a look at a few things you probably didn’t know about casinos.

Casinos are of Italian origin

When we think of a casino, there’s generally one city that springs to mind, and that is of course Las Vegas. While Vegas is the gambling capital of the world, casinos certainly did not originate in Nevada, or even in the USA for that matter. No, in reality, the world’s first casinos originated in Italy. Dating back to 1638, the world’s first casino was built by Casanova and was designed to serve as a ‘summer house’ where people could play games for fun. Soon, to make things a little more interesting, the stakes were raised. The dress code was also formal, where players had to wear masks, and three-cornered hats in order to be granted entry. It’s safe to say that things are very different nowadays.

Slot machines aren’t just for people hoping to make a few bucks

When we think of slot machines, many of us think of them as nothing more than fun way of providing us with a way to get rid of our loose change. While you can of course play the penny slots, and other similar types of slot machines, you can also potentially make big money. Want proof? Okay, then let’s take you back in time to Vegas. Back in 2003, a 25 year old man that was playing the mega-bucks slot machines, spent roughly $100 in the hopes of scoring big. Well, he certainly did that when he scooped the jackpot, which was an astonishing $40 million. Well, $39.7 million to be exact, but who’s counting right? To this day that jackpot has never been beaten, although there are plenty of people out there who have won millions from slot machines.

Poker games can last a long time

When you feel like a quick game of poker at home, you can simply reach for your phone and play poker in an online casino, in a matter of minutes. Even games of poker at the casino don’t last too long, because after all, people have to go home. Some games of poker however, are very much endurance-based. Tournaments do not last days, or even weeks in most cases, as they can go on for months. However, back in 1881, things got a little out of hand, and by a little, we mean a lot! In a theatre in Arizona, down in the basement, a game of poker took place amongst a number of players. This game ran continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The game lasted for more than 8 years! That’s right, in order to crown a winner, the game went on for just under 8 and a half years. Over the course of those 8 years, around $10 million is said to have changed hands.

Monaco citizens cannot gamble in their own casinos

Monaco is another very popular gambling destination and is home to some real high rollers. Monaco is a luxurious and wealthy part of the world, with some of the most expensive casinos on the planet. Surely then, if you’re a Monaco citizen and enjoy a flutter or two, you’re in the perfect part of the world? Well, not really. You see, by law, Monaco citizens are forbidden from gambling in Monaco casinos. They can legally enter the casinos to spectate etc, but they cannot enter the gaming areas and they cannot gamble. Nobody is entirely certain why Monaco citizens are not allowed to gamble in their own casinos, though some say the reasons are to ensure that foreign currency intakes remain consistently high, and locals would obviously not be gambling with foreign currency.

English casinos used to hire people for very weird reasons

In the 18th century, in England, many illegal casinos were in operation throughout the country. Gambling laws were very strict back then, so it was wise to stay on the good side of the law. Many of these casino operators however, used to hire people for a very unique reason. They didn’t hire them to count cards, or even to keep a lookout for police, they hired them to swallow the dice. In the event of a police raid, the individual in question would literally swallow the dice to prevent the police from proving that gambling was taking place in the establishment. It was a very unique role, but hey, a job’s a job.

Is roulette the game of the devil?

Many superstitious gamblers out there refuse to play roulette when gambling in a casino. The reason for this is because, when you add up all of the numbers on a roulette wheel, you get the number 666, which is the number of the devil. Legend says that ‘the magician of Homburg’ Francois Blanc, who was an entrepreneur and operator of numerous casinos, made a deal with the devil to obtain the secrets of roulette. Spooky.

The world’s slot machine was built at a garage – The world’s first slot machine wasn’t built in a casino at all. It was actually built at a car garage, as a way of keeping customers busy while their vehicles were being repaired.