Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

If you’ve browsed the web before, or used social media, you will almost certainly have encountered several adverts for online casinos. The online gambling biz is worth big bucks at this moment in time, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

A lot of us like a flutter now and then, with games like poker, blackjack, and roulette all proving to be especially popular. But what about when we delve a little deeper? Where did online casinos originate, who spends the most money at online casinos, and who has won the largest ever jackpot with an online casino? All of these questions, and many more besides, will soon be answered as we look at a few interesting facts about online casinos.

Biggest ever jackpot

One of the best things about using an online casino, is the fact that it is potentially a way for you to win some money. Now, while the odds of you winning a life-changing amount of money are very low, it is certainly not impossible. Want proof? Okay, then let’s look at the biggest ever jackpot scooped from an online casino. This first fact takes us over to Finland. The PAF gambling site in the country paid out close to 18 Million Euros. What’s even more remarkable is that the winner in question was new to online gambling and had only been playing for around 30 minutes. So, 30 minutes to become a multi-millionaire, that’s certainly not bad going.

First ever online casino

Though it may seem like online casinos have been around forever, in reality they are barely two decades old. The world’s very first online casino was created back in 1997. It was called ‘Internet Casino System Version IV’ and in all honesty it hardly set the gambling world ablaze. Today there are well over 200,000 online casinos and gambling sites in operation, and that number is growing every day.

Who gambles the most?

Over here in the Ireland, it’s safe to say that we enjoy our gambling. While we spend millions, if not billions on online gambling every single year, it turns out that it is actually the Cypriots that spend the most on online gambling. They spend around 2.5 Million Euros on online gambling each year. 2.5 Million may sound like nothing, but the population of Cyprus is currently 1.18 million, whereby over here we’re closer to 70 million. That works out roughly at more than 3000 Euros per inhabitant, though obviously not every Cypriot is a gambler.

Poker is very popular

When we think of online casinos, what’s the first thought that springs to mind. For many of us it’s poker. That isn’t a coincidence. According to recent statistics, online gamblers prefer to play poker over other common types of gambling game such as blackjack and roulette. The online slots are also very popular.