Unbelievable Gambling and Online Casino Stories

Decades ago, if you suddenly got the itch to play a few hands of poker, you had to get dressed up, head out of the house, and make your way to your nearest casino. Unless you lived right next door to one, this meant that gambling was generally not something that could be classed as a spur of the moment thing.

Thanks to online casino sites and games however, if we feel like gambling nowadays, we simply reach for our phone, tablet, or computer, and have at it. Gambling is a very risky pastime, and over the years there have been some pretty unbelievable gambling and online casino stories emerge. If you’re interested in gambling or simply want something to read to pass the time between Blackjack games, here are some unbelievable gambling and online casino stories from over the years.

The Warrior and the future president

When we think of gambling, it’s often the bright neon lights of Vegas that are conjured up in our mind’s eye. Atlantic City in the US however, is often referred to as the little cousin of Vegas, as it too is heavily associated with gambling. Our first story is set right there in Atlantic City, and it revolves around Akio Kashiwagi, who earned himself the nickname of ‘The Warrior’ because he was so brave with his gambling.

Akio was a Japanese Real-Estate Tycoon who was invited to the US by none other than a certain Donald Trump. Trump had a series of casinos there and invited Akio to try his hand. Akio apparently won $6 Million of Trump’s money back in 1990. Trump however, gave him the chance to double his money, or pay double. Akio took the bet and lost, owing Trump $12 Million. He headed back to Japan, still owing Trump, and many other casinos apparently, a lot of money. He was found dead two year’s later, after being stabbed repeated with a samurai sword.


From party supplies to riches to rags

Our next story involves Terrance Watanabe, who earned his millions by being the heir to his father’s business, which happened to sell plastic party supplies. Terrance was from Nebraska, and was reckless with his gambling habits. He gained a reputation, not through his talents for gambling, but rather through his lack of talent for gambling. He sucked! To most of us, losing a few hundred Euros at the casino would be a nightmare. Terrance however, lost more than $220 Million through gambling, over a four-year period. He would gamble while drunk, make reckless decisions, and ultimately, he would lose virtually everything his father had worked so hard to earn.

High Balling

Charles Barkley is a well-known pro basketball player in the US. He is also well known for his gambling habits. Charles took a break from gambling back in 2013, but before that, he would regularly visit the casinos of Vegas, with a clear goal in mind. That goal was to not leave until he had made $1 Million or lost a million at the blackjack tables. He would regularly win and was apparently very friendly and approachable. Recognising that he had a problem, Charles later went on to lower his goals to a mere $200K.